History of the Overlander Senior Men’s Championship

The tournament began in 1986 at Rivershore Golf Links under the direction of Tommy Martin.  It has been a two day tournament which is a rarity in BC.  This format has attracted golfers from around the province, and beyond, such as Alberta and Washington.

Tommy passed the baton to Percy Barradell who was a long time official in BC golf.  It was he who got many golfers from the coast and the Island to come to Rivershore.  That trend continues today as 70% of the entrants traditionally come from out of town.

Ron Hunt became Chairman of the Overlander tournament in 2000 and under his leadership, it became so popular it had a waiting list; the number of entries often topped 120.  Of particular note was the introduction of the Super Senior event in 2010 for men over the age of 70.  Many golfers from this time will remember the birth of the World Famous Desert at the annual dinner: the ice cream special with toppings galore.

Jack Croucher took over the tournament in 2013.  Jack has been involved with numerous golf associations for years, and as such got to know many of the players in the region. He spends his summers as a rules official at a number of prestigious events.  Many of our entrants come to Kamloops because of their friendship with Jack.  He has used his vast knowledge to fine tune the tournament in ways that impress the players.  Entries are now capped at 93.  On day 1 of the tournament, players can ask for later tee-times to facilitate traveling time, and with groups of threesomes, pace of play is very user-friendly.

During the 31 one years of the tournament, several men have been repeat winners:
Doug Bajus – 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998
Bill Wilms – 2003, 2004
Russ Bentley – 2006, 2007
John Gallacher – 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017

There have been two local winners: Fred Kirwin in 2001, and Keith Russell in 2012.

The Super Senior event has been won by Bob Esdale in 2011, 2014, and 2015.

Enjoy your experience at the Overlander Senior Men’s Tournament at beautiful Rivershore.

Overlander Trophy